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Abandon (Abandon Trilogy Series #1)

Abandon - Meg Cabot I read Meg Cabot for the first time in my first year of university. I found her light and witty and though I don't read chicklit as much anymore, I always kept an eye on what she was writing. When I saw this on another blog, I fell in love. The premise of the Underworld and the re-telling of Greek Myths (Persephone and Hades). I wish wish wish I could have loved this book .. but it just didn't grab me. The book began with many references to things the reader doesn't know yet. I found myself anticipating when I would finally start understanding what she kept referencing: what happened to Hannah? What put Uncle Chris in jail? How did John learn to love her so quickly? How did John die? Not all of these questions are even answered in the text, and I know it is a series but I was still left unsatisfied. The idea of Furies was interesting, but the execution (aka who the Fury was) felt like it was taken from no where and didn't fit with the rest of the novel. I also had a hard time believing John and Pierce's love to be genuine with the very short amount of time they were together.Although I didn't like some of the execution, the history of Isla Huesos was extremely interesting and I loved all the crazy things that made the Island so original. I love the hurricane reference, the concept of Coffin Night (though it was never explained?) and the cemetery where all the action seems to take place. Cabot must have done extensive research to write this novel and I was very impressed. All in all, it wasn't my favourite book but it had a lot of potential. I think, even if just for the wonderful setting, I will still read the second installment!