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The Alchemy of Forever: An Incarnation Novel

The Alchemy of Forever: An Incarnation Novel - Avery Williams I just can't get enough of this paranormal stuff lately! And Avery Williams sure has it all down pat. The Alchemy of Forever is the story of Seraphina, who was killed at the age of fourteen in the 1300's and given a second chance at life by the alchemist's handsome son when he transfers her soul into the body of her killer. Centuries and many bodies later, Sera is still bound to Cyrus -- still as lovely as he once was, but now a vicious murderer and a constant reminder that Sera is very much like him. Determined not to kill any more people, Sera decides to kill herself instead -- but fails. Her new body, that of a sixteen-year-old mysterious and popular girl named Kailey, comes with more than just a physical appearance; it comes with an entire life. Waking up in the hospital, Sera is surrounded by Kailey's family. Where she once would steal a body and escape, leaving the person's friends and family to presume their death, Sera is now stuck in the body of a girl she must pretend to be. Only, this is easier than it should be, and Sera soon finds herself with a family who loves her, and a boy whose looks make her believe that she might not just have a chance at life, but at love.Being a slow reader, I am always so proud of myself when I plow through a book quickly. This one took two days (although only 246 pages) and although I'm excited to be well on my way with my 2012 goals, I feel like I didn't take the time to get to know the characters. I felt like Sera fell into Kailey's life just a little too quickly, and of all the weird things that could have happened didn't end up being as big of a deal. However, Williams' prose was lovely and I loved her descriptions of the San Fransisco landscape verses that of Oakland. The dark nights and the moon were like separate characters. It was beautiful! And Noah -- swoon. This is one of the first books I have read about a guy walking his dog. For some reason, I found that so endearing.There were many questions left unanswered and Williams leaves you on a cliffhanger waiting to find out what happens to Sera, to Noah and to Cyrus. Though I felt that everything went too fast (even contrasting to the hundreds of years that Sera has lived) and wanted to spend a little more time getting to know the characters. Especially Sera. All in all, this was a quick but lovely read!