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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang - Chelsea Handler Regardless of her shameless approach to, well, everything, I really do like Chelsea Handler. Not only is she absolutely hilarious in all of her books and on her cable show Chelsea Lately, but she is completely comfortable being who she is, loud and proud. I picked up her first book, My Horizontal Life (which still remains my favourite) four years ago without knowing anything about her. Three books later, I could probably give you her biography off the top of my head!Like her other collections, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang takes the form of personal essays detailing her crazy excursions, romantic blips and successes and a detailed sketch of her boisterous and eccentric friends and family. My favourite essay in the story centers around her relationship with her siblings Ray, Sloane and Greg. When Greg gets high and disappears into the water behind their Martha’s Vineyard cottage home, Sloane, her husband Mike and Chelsea (also high) organize a makeshift search and rescue. I was laughing at loud reading the conversation between Chelsea and her sister Sloane and recalling previous stories about Sloane in the other books.Though I must say that I wasn’t as taken with this collection as I was with My Horizontal Life, Chelsea Handler still stands as the personification of “who cares what other people think?”. She is downright hilarious and often ridiculous while still remaining witty, intelligent and a powerful female voice.