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The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein This book has found its place both in my heart and on my shelf of absolute favourites. A story told through the eyes of an aging dog named Enzo as he waits patiently to be put down and hopefully return back to the world as a man. He has a rock solid bond with his owner, Nascar racer Denny Swift and their adventures together pull at your heart strings. Though the book is humourous and adorable, it also has such depth to it and you would never expect. Denny, his wife Eve and his young daughter Zoe face such turmoil during Enzo's years with them and through it all, he is the constant companion and the center of all wisdom.All I can say without telling too much about the plot is that Garth Stein is an absolute genius. This story is touching, heart-breaking and wondrous beyond my ability to describe. Enzo and Denny made my heart grow 4 sizes, made me laugh out loud on the bus to school and made me weep like a baby on break during class as I devoured the last few pages. I could not recommend this book higher if I tried. Please go and get yourself a copy. Enzo awaits.