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Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead When my friend started reading this series, I was not interested in the least. I, embarrassingly, cast aside most YA novels because I feel that I am too old to return to them now. However, thanks to Richelle Mead, I am full on in love.Do you remember being in your early teens, reading a book at night and being totally consumed in the world of fantasy and fairytale that you completely forget you currently exist in this world? I have a hard time feeling that way about adult fiction. Vampire Academy took me back. I was sneaking in chapters whenever I could to transport myself back to the cast iron gates of the Academy to hang out with the kick ass heroine of the book, Rose and her love interest (who will make you melt) Dimitri. It is so refreshing to have such a feisty heroine! Please don't shy away from the vampire theme because of Twilight. I'm sorry Twilight, but you have been dethroned. All I can say without giving too much away is that I loved it =). Treat yourself!