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The Forest of Hands and Teeth (Forest of Hands and Teeth Series #1)

The Forest of Hands and Teeth  - Carrie Ryan Alright, normally I don't write big reviews but I have so much to say about this book!First of all, what a ride! The tension that filled this novel had me clenching my muscles, wriggling my feet in anticipation. It was by far the darkest book I have read in a while. Carrie Ryan, you definitely created a dark and terrifying world! I was enthralled in it and began to fear and hate the Unconsecrated the same way Mary and the other characters did. Their presence pained me; picturing their arms reaching through the fences, driven by a hunger they just couldn't fight. This novel kind of broke my heart in more than one way. Though I didn't absolutely love any of the characters (except Argos -- definitely my fave, Jacob was adorable too), my heart ached for them all. Travis was a static character to me and I had a hard time feeling sorry for him when he couldn't seem to decide what he wanted. The love he felt for Mary was all over the map, until he saw her attacked in the platform homes and decided that he would die for her. I cried when he died and Mary was the one to decapitate him. He was heroic and the whole scene had me clenching my toes. Harry, I was unsure of. He seemed like he would have been great for Mary -- lighthearted, funny, caring. But I had no idea what the whole deal with the "days when Travis was in the Cathedral" that he spent with Cass were? Were they together? Did he care for her like she kept insisting he did? Cass, I didn't like. Although I did feel bad that the guy she loved wanted Mary, and the guy she was set to marry also loved Mary. I don't really have much more of an opinion on her. I felt bad for her, but I also didn't overly like her. Mary and Cass's friendship didn't seem overly convincing to me.Jed -- oh Jed. I wanted to punch him out when he handed Mary over to the Sisterhood. But when Beth died, oh my god - I pained for him. I read his speech about "never killing love" over and over; how he needed one more day to memorize her. I wanted him to survive the attacks so much -- to live on for Beth. But I also didn't want him to suffer anymore without her. Ahhhh! It was just so hard.Then Mary. Hm. I don't know how I felt about her. I don't believe she truly loved Travis -- not the way that Jed loved Beth. It wasn't convincing enough. Her inability to decide what she loved more, Travis or her dream of the ocean, really made it hard to see her love for him as pure and unconditional.One specific part of the story that I felt showed true love was when Mary talked about her mother. She watched her mother turn into an Unconsecrated; reaching at her through the fence. Mary wondered if she could really see her, or if she only saw flesh. "Suddenly, regret screams through me. I wonder if I should have dressed her in something different. If I should have put her in warmer clothes or better shoes. If I should have pinned a note ont he inside of her dress telling her that I love her." *Heart breaks* AHHH!!Lastly, the ending. I did not like the ending. The last few pages killed me. How could she survive, only to walk away with this man, leaving Cass, Jacob, Harry and Argos waiting to be devoured by the Unconsecrated. If she made it all this way, found more people and more weapons, WHY DID SHE NOT GO BACK!? Instead of the novel ending on a hopeful note, it ended with me picturing the death of my favourite characters! I agree with many of the comments that emotion was a bit lacking and the tone was often very depressing. Although, with the characters living in this world, always being prepared to kill their loved ones if they were bitten by the Unconsecrated, I guess emotion would have to take a place on the back burner. Their final walk to the end of the gate did truly show how run down they were -- how hopeless.All in all, this book was so well written and so intense. I really enjoyed it. I just wish some things would have turned out differently.