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The Running Vixen

The Running Vixen - Elizabeth Chadwick I have mixed feelings about this book. In so many ways, I loved it: Adam's character, the historical accuracy, the language, the images of the time. However, Heulwen's character didn't always sit well with me. Her mannerisms through the entire novel are of mixed origin. She has no idea how to speak about her feelings with her husband and it leads to any awkward moments in the novel.My favourite part of the novel is definitely when Adam finds out about Heulwen's pregnancy, possibly with Warren. It is dealt with so tenderly that it touches your heart and brings a tear to your eye. Adam's compassion is so lovely. I feel terrible to admit my dislike for Heulwen given all the terrors she faced in her life, however I just wish that she had better communication with Adam. Their pre-marriage romance was passionate, but their married life was complicated. Not until the end of the novel, when she learns that she can indeed tell Adam how she feels, does Heulwen finally let herself learn to love (and SHOW love) freely.