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The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han So I hestitated on this book. My friend read the series recently and recommended it but for some reason, I just wasn't sure.. but..I really liked it. First off, a few points. In the book, the main character, Belly, is only fifteen. I have a really hard time reading books with super young protagonists because I just can't related. But for some reason, instead of reminding me that I haven't been fifteen for quite a while, it transported me back into my fifteen year old self. Belly is conflicted between a childhood longing for Conrad and a desire to let go of him in order to find herself. Conrad and Jeremiah are brothers, the sons of her mother's best friend. Belly, her brother and mother spend every summer at a summer house with their family. Belly has just come into her female figure and is dealing with being seen as attractive for the first time and not the little girl she once was. I remember this transition well, starting to look in the mirror and see hips, a chest and curves where there used to be a gangly teen. This whole stage of life is tough and Han is excellent and talking about it! Belly is young, and so she acts it. Sometimes I got a bit annoyed with her arguments over stupid things with other characters but all in all, I found her genuinely likeable. I sympathized with her desire to let go of her old crushes and move on but finding it overly difficult. Doesn't this happen to all of us? Childhood crushes and all the anxiety and overanalyzing that they provoke. I thought it was delicately handled.But most of all, I loved the setting. I couldn't wait to pick up this book and forget about being in the muggy heat of the city and pretend instead that I was at a summer house, with a beach and docks, wearing bathing suits, reading and tanning all day. I felt transported and I loved it.All in all, I enjoyed this book. Very much. It is not intensive or "can't put it down", but it is sweet and brings you into another world. The pages flipped without me even noticing. I am looking forward to the next book =).