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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin I have been thinking about this book all day and still have no idea, even now, how I plan to proceed with this review. It is the first book I have had a hard time giving a star rating on Goodreads and the first book that I can’t specifically state if I loved or not. Let’s start chronologically.The very first page of the book is a letter — one that will have you tearing to the next page in anticipation. The first chapter is so gripping that you can’t believe a book got this good, this fast. One thing I want to credit Hodkin for, even at the beginning, is her chapter conclusions. Most of the time they end with this one liner that makes your jaw drop and your hands flip the pages in accelerated motion.The thing I loved most about this book is the constant question of whether or not Mara is crazy. Are her terrifying experiences really happening to her, or is it a result of her post-traumatic stress disorder? Mara doesn’t know and neither do you!What bugged me was the typical boy with bad reputation does a complete 180 for the girl. I couldn’t stand Noah’s smirking, which was mentioned every few pages. However, when Hodkin got past their initial interactions and pulled Noah into the meat of the story, he got much more appealing to me. This took just a little too long to happen.I loved that Hodkin never really tells you anything for sure. You are guessing for the entire book and the uncertainty makes for an extremely pleasurable read. Occasionally I would come up with a theory in my head — intricate and intense — only to find that the real solution was a bit more toned down. But perhaps that’s just my crazy imagination.This book was a wild ride of clues and non-clues, sanity and insanity and the constant question of, is this real? It opens the doors to so many opportunities for the next book in the series! I was always flipping ahead, attempting to innocently catch a line or two with a hint because I just couldn’t wait to find out what would happen (note to self: stop doing that). All that to say, when the book comes out in September — go and get it!