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It's Not Summer Without You (Summer Novels)

It's Not Summer Without You  - Jenny Han With YA, my biggest concern is reading a narrater that just feels a little too young for me. I was extremely impressed by how Jenny Han handled a 15 year-old Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty with such depth. The summer house in Cousins transported me to my own memories of going to my uncles cottage every year. This book, the second in the trilogy, kept that going. I loved Cousins just as much as always and loved watching Conrad, Jere and Belly grow. I loved that she was a bit older, more mature but still her impulsive and over-analyzing self. She continues to search for ways to either reach Conrad or let him go, but as we all know, love doesn’t take orders. Belly’s personality reminds me so much of myself at that age that I just fell into the story even more.Jere came alive in this book for me. I couldn’t decide after the first one, but in this one, I started to see Jere as the best friend with potential that he is painted as. I liked how much Han differentiated the boys in this series. They are unique and both have endearing qualities, but they still have this bond that links them as family. It was superbly handled.BUT! A warning — bring a box of kleenex on your porch with you while you read. Sussanah’s death is a huge part of this book and watching “Beck’s boys” deal with her absense was heart-breaking — but realistic. Beautifully written.The end of this book was fantastic. Given my limited finances, I knew I couldn’t buy the third book right away .. BUT then I read the small end section and knew I was in trouble. I ran to Chapters, put the third book on my visa and ran home. Stay tuned! The third was by far my favourite!