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Creep - Jennifer Hillier CREEP centers around a woman named Sheila Tao, a professor at a prestigious university and a not-so-recovering sex addict. After being proposed to by a man she knows could keep her happy for the rest of her life, Sheila calls off a steamy three month affair with one of her TAs, Ethan Wolfe. Ethan, though edgy, handsome and smart, is one twisted man. Unable to accept that Sheila was the one to end their relationship, he is determined to make her realize just what a terrible mistake she has made. CREEP follows Sheila, as well as her fiance, Morris (a burly recovering alcoholic with the heart of a teddy bear) who struggles with the unanswered questions that keep surfacing around Sheila. Private Investigator, Jerry Isaac, is another character thrown into the mix and definitely one I grew attached to. In fact, while I loved reading about Sheila and Ethan's dangerous encounters, I developed a soft spot for Morris and Jerry and the friendship (and hilarious banter) that blossoms between them.CREEP came with me everywhere: on the subway (bumping the edges of the hardcover into fellow passengers but not being able to put it away), on my desk at work (thankfully, I work for her publisher and don't get asked many questions when I have one of our books attached to my person all day) and definitely into the bath a few times. I literally could not stop reading. Debut novelists have it rough -- with everyone always questioning the outcome of the book, it is easy to see why they feel severe nerves upon its release. But fear not, Jennifer Hillier! CREEP was engaging, fast-paced, thrilling and extremely sexy at times. The combination of steam, fear and adventure made the book a sure success for me! The characters came alive off the pages and I watched, covers up to my chin as they made mistakes, acted courageously and fought for those they loved. When FREAK, the follow-up to CREEP releases next year, you bet I will have a copy in my hands as soon as possible!