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The Space Between

The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff Before you even open them, some books just scream your name -- the cover is beautiful, the synopsis is captivating and the feel of them in your hands is perfection. This is how I felt about THE SPACE BETWEEN. I had read a fantastic review of the book by Maja from The Nocturnal Library and had to read it right away.THE SPACE BETWEEN centers around Daphne, the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. She resides in Hell, where everything is made of chrome and steel and the center of it is a giant furnace that burns away anything that does not belong in hell. When Daphne's one true friend, her brother Obie, runs away to earth to be with a human woman, Daphne is sent by her mother to bring him home. Demons who choose to walk the earth run the risk of being killed by Azrael, the Angel of Death and his tormenting "sidekick" Dark Dreadful. When Daphne finally finds herself on Earth for the first time, she knows exactly where to start searching for Obie: find a boy named Truman.When his mother died, Truman's life spiraled into a dark abyss. After too much torment, Truman attempted to take his own life, but was only briefly brought to hell, where he met a girl with long black hair and perfect pale skin. When Truman wakes up in a hospital bed, he meets Obie, a kind doctor who tends to his wounds and befriends him. Almost every night, Truman dreams of a dark voice, taunting him about his suicide attempt, but then he sees the dark haired girl.THE SPACE BETWEEN was one of the most creative books I have ever read. Yovanoff did a wonderful job of illustrating hell and of creating a character who knows compassion, but has never felt love. My favourite part of the book was definitely the descriptions of hell and the traditional biblical figures that exist in it. I also really enjoyed Truman's character -- a dark, hurt and broken boy who just cannot lift himself off his knees. Daphne and Truman's blossoming affections for each other are unlike other YA romances, as Truman is extremely damaged and Daphne is a creature of the underworld, presumably incapable of feeling tenderness and love for a human being. Yovanoff handled their romance with a delicate touch, but it also made it difficult as a reader to throw yourself into their relationship. It was just so unique.There was quite a bit of "searching" in the book, and because of Daphne's lack of feeling for certain things, brutal scenes were swept over as she was unable to react to them the way Truman did. The end of the novel was action packed and my mouth fell open a few times, but I wish this could have happened a bit more during the novel. All in all, I enjoyed THE SPACE BETWEEN and would recommend it for fans of demon books where even angels have darker sides.