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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins This book is unputdownable! Worth every tid bit of praise it has received over the past few years, THE HUNGER GAMES was one of those novels that sucks you out of your own world and drops you into another. I felt like every time I closed the book, I was like Katniss going to sleep -- making myself vulnerable. I HAD to keep reading -- all the time. Collins not only met all of my expectations for this book, but she exceeded them in so many ways. She created a cast of characters that felt so real to me, and a world that began as a blank slate in my mind, turned into an empire. Panem put me completely off balance, contemplating just how terrorizing it would be to live in constant fear and knowledge that your life is temporary; not in the sense that you could get hit my a car tomorrow, but that the fate of you and those you love is entirely in the hands of a corrupt and insensitive force. And Katniss! This girl easily climbed her way up the Anne Shirley podium of wondrous leading ladies and is sitting among the top (sorry, Anne cannot be dethroned -- ever). I loved her. She was the epitome of perseverence for me and I couldn't put the book down because I had to know that she was okay -- this selfless, courageous and radiant young woman. And Peeta! Not your typical YA leading man, he was the steady heartbeat of the book. Katniss was the calculating one, while Peeta ruled with emotion, in the best way possible. Perhaps my favourite literary team as of yet!I have tried to write this review a few times and have finally accepted that it is just going to come out sounding like a gush anyways. No attempt at clever witicisms will make a difference. I have been a total girl about this book and have been repeatedly watching the movie trailer too. Not one for the cult classic books-to-movies, I have never seen the Harry Potter movies and stopped halfway through Twilight, but this is a whole new ballgame. I cannot WAIT for this film!Suzanne Collins, THANK YOU! Now, onto CATCHING FIRE!