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We Need New Names: A Novel

We Need New Names - NoViolet Bulawayo

This was a heart-wrenching read. Though I pushed myself to read 2/3 of it all at once to meet a deadline, I would have had to do this even on my own time. There was no where to stop comfortably. From the moment you meet Darling, you are endeared to her. She is an honest, rambunctious and curious ten-year-old girl, who has lived a life of such violence that even the most horrific acts are approached with innocence and an unnerving sense of calm. As she grows and learns more about herself, her home country and America, I felt a severe desire to hug her. I needed to make sure she was okay, and so I kept reading.


NoViolet Bulawayo writes in a stunning voice, and with such rawness. Though I found the book extremely hard to read (emotionally), I do truly appreciate the bravery that lingers within the pages.